ReCommunity Beacon

 Source: Resource Recycling

Located just 90 miles south Albany, Beacon, New York was once known as the “Hat-Making Capital of the U.S.,” with nearly 500 hat factories operating inside the city’s borders at one time. While those hat factories are long gone, the city is home to one new industrial facility – ReCommunity Beacon, a brand-new $7.5 million, 52,000-square-foot materials recovery facility.

The new MRF receives single-stream curbside and commercial recyclable materials from throughout the Greater Hudson Valley, including Dutchess, Ulster, Sullivan, Orange and Putnam counties, as well as parts of southwest Connecticut.

The brand-new facility features a 25 tons-per-hour, automated single-stream system, designed and manufactured by CP Manufacturing, with

one processing line and the additional capacity to process single line items directly to the baler, according to the company.

The MRF expects to process 57,000 tons of recyclables in 2012, with an estimated 90,000 tons expected to be processed in 2013. The material mix feeding into the facility is approximately 48 percent fiber and 52 RR | May 2012 15 percent containers, and the MRF boasts a 7.2 percent residue rate.

“The haulers that come to our facility couldn’t be happier as we have two scales to accommodate both incoming and outgoing trucks, five shipping docks and five tip-hall doors with a wide-open floor plan to ensure an efficient turnaround,” says David Kahn, ReCommunity Beacon plant manager. “We are very pleased with the performance of the state-of-the-art equipment – which successfully passed all acceptance tests with flying colors – and staff here as we focus on safety and producing quality products.”

ReCommunity Beacon employs 30 workers, running one shift, Monday through Friday, five days per week.



Technical Specifications*

ReCommunity Beacon

Beacon, New York

Start-up date:
April 23, 2012

Number of processing lines:
One single processing line, with added capacity to process single line items directly to the baler

25 tons per hour

Tons of material processed in 2012 (anticipated):
Approximately 57,000 tons and 90,000 tons expected in 2013

Residue rate:
7.2 percent