Disc Screen Separation

CP Disc Screens provide the best separation in the industry for newspaper, cardboard, mixed paper and containers via our patented disc screening technology.

Our screens provide high throughput paired with low maintenance requirements. CP leads the way with the most efficient screening technology for separating 2D and 3D materials.


CP Anti-Wrap Screen™

  • Accurate separation of newsprint and large fiber from the material stream
  • Oversized shaft circumference mitigates wrapping
  • Simple design keeps total number of discs and use of rubber to a minimum
  • Non-pinching motion eliminates jamming
  • High amplitude design agitates containers away from paper
  • Designed for safety: Foolproof lock out tag out mechanism with larger access door
  • One-bolt discs are easy to change


  • Separates small fibers from containers, and 2D from 3D material
  • Small screen openings minimize loss of small fibers to container line, maximizing capture rate
  • Belt-driven discs resist jamming and wrapping
  • High throughput, low maintenance

CP Glass Breaker Screen

  • Steel alloy discs break and separate glass as well as fines
  • Longest lasting discs in the industry
  • Low operating cost, reduced wrapping
  • Small openings minimize loss of aluminum and PET



  • Separates large fiber (ONP) from mixed paper, containers, debris, as well as 2D from 3D
  • Patented rubber finger discs accurately size material for increased recovery rates
  • Lowest disc cost per ton of material
  • Designed for reduced wrapping



  • Effectively separates old corrugated (OCC) from other mixed fiber, containers, and debris
  • Aggressive steel discs separate both by size and rigidity
  • Discs specially engineered to have consistent spacing at all points to prevent jamming


Scalping Screen

  • Size-separates material, allowing subsequent separation machines to work more efficiently
  • Small containers can be routed past ONP screens
  • Large containers can be routed past eddy current separator
  • Low maintenance screen, long lasting discs


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