Advanced MRF: Controls & Electrical Solutions


The Controls & Electrical Division of CP Group

Advanced MRF engineers the “brains” of CP Group recycling systems, specializing in industrial automation and control systems. We have the resources to bring the latest technological innovations and state-of-the-art equipment into our control systems.

Advanced MRF works closely with our customers to design and engineer control systems that seamlessly integrate machines and systems in order to optimize production, increase efficiencies, and reduce energy consumption.

Advanced MRF General Brochure

Get accurate data acquisition and system-wide control of your operation. CP Group and Advanced MRF work together to deliver custom system controls and SCADA capabilities for turn-key sort systems.

We are certified in designing and building control systems and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
(SCADA) systems. Advanced MRF is a C-10 Certified Electrical Contractor, which allows us to offer turnkey solutions with the ability to perform the electrical installation.

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CP SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)

With CP SCADA, you can track inbound and outbound material volumes, downtime events, bale counts by commodity, and other key data points. CP SCADA can also alert staff to over-amp draws, potential motor faults, e-stoppage locations, and loader operator feed inconsistencies. Read the brochure. 

CP Volumetric Scanner

Requiring virtually no maintenance, the CP Volumetric Scanner continually gathers data to help you get a more complete picture of your operation. Read the full brochure.

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