CP Group Retrofits

In addition to designing award-winning system, CP Group also specializes in optimizing existing systems. Our experienced staff of engineers, field technicians, and operations teams know what it takes to keep systems running so your operation stays in the black.


Sierra Waste Albany

In 2015, CP Group retrofitted a 6 tons per hr single-stream container line to include three (3) CIRRUS Optical Sorters, replacing four of our competitors under-performing optical sorters. Each of the new CIRRUS units sort HDPE, PET, and Mixed Plastics, respectively.

Sunnyvale, CA

The Sunnyvale Material Recovery and Transfer (SMaRT) Station’s MSW system was installed in 2009, and retrofitted by CP Group in 2015. CP Group was selected to retrofit the MRF for increased material recovery and system performance. Today, the retrofitted system is exceeding expectations.

Read the full case study here: Sunnyvale Case Study