Advanced Disposal Recycling Services

 Source: Resource Recycling

Serving metro Atlanta and located in Forsyth County, Georgia, one of the fastest growing areas in the U.S., the brand-new materials recovery facility in Alphretta is the 10th for Advanced Disposal, which operates throughout the Southeast.

The $5 million, 34,000 square-foot facility built by the CP Group will process single-stream materials collected curbside from approximately 100,000 households in the region. The MRF also receives cardboard and other recyclables from commercial sources in the region.

The processing line for the MRF was designed, manufacturing and has a throughput of a dozen tons per hour, at capacity.

Advanced Disposal estimates that the Alpharetta MRF will process 30,000 tons this year, making it one of the largest in the region. “Most of the product brought in is processed and baled the same day, and shipped off within days after being delivered to the recycling facility,” according to Katrine Strickland, marketing manager for the company.

Around 60 percent of the material processed by the MRF is fiber, with the difference comprised of commingled containers and other materials. Plastic bags are the biggest issue facing the facility, as it is for most MRFs.

The Advanced Disposal Recycling facility runs two shifts, five days per week, employing 44people.


Technical Specifications*

Advanced Disposal Recyling Services Atlanta, LLC

Alpharetta, Georgia

Start-up date:
January 18, 2012

Number of processing lines:

12 tons per hour

Tons of material expected to be processed in 2012:
Approximately 30,000 tons

Residue rate:
5 percent