As a leader in engineering and manufacturing MRF systems and equipment, we strive to provide research based solutions for MRF operators. This webinar provides insight on how increasing demands on MRFs are driving innovation in screening technology and the role mechanical separation plays in optimizing automation. CP Group’s expert product development engineer, Nick Davis, presents The Future of Mechanical Screening. 

In this webinar will learn:

  • The difference between screening and sorting
  • How screening aides and enables the various types of sorting
  • Traditional types of screening and their challenges
  • How industry changes are driving innovation
  • What mechanical screening needs to enable the MRF of the future

About the Presenter

Nick Davis is the Product Development Engineer at CP Group. He is a third generation inventor in recycling equipment development with ten years of experience and multiple patents improving mechanical separation. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics and Quantitative Economics.