L-VIS® Optical Sorter


Meet the new L-VIS® optical sorter with updated ColorMask™ and WireHawk™ technologies. L-VIS® is designed for a variety of sorting applications, including e-scrap, metal sorting, glass, flake, wire, pellet, small particle, and color sorting applications.


ColorMask™ proprietary illuminated reference technology allows L-VIS® to analyze and sort materials in flight. The ColorMask™ light source is adjustable in color and light intensity for maximum contrast and accuracy. The most recent updates feature an improved design, providing increased sorting accuracy for materials with difficult colors and weak contrast, like dark green circuit boards and black insulated wires.


WireHawk™ Wire Identification Technology

The newly upgraded WireHawk™ wire identification algorithm for L-VIS® provides excellent performance for applications that involve sorting even the smallest wires. WireHawk™ detects and sorts both coated and uncoated wires with surgical accuracy, recovering valuable metal material.

Metal Sorting

Our proven all-metal detector provides you with the capability extract ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as stainless steel from mixed input streams such as electronic and metal scrap.


Small Particle Sorting

Using an ultra high-resolution color camera system, the L-VIS® is capable of sorting even the smallest and thinnest particles, down to less than 1mm. The L-VIS® works great for color sorting applications for PET and Polyolefin (PE, PP) flakes and pellets.

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