New 25TPH Facility to Serve the Greater Tucson Area

August 1, 2012

ReCommunity, headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., has started up its Tucson, AZ, 25 tons-per-hour residential recycling system. The new recycling facility was designed, manufactured and installed by the CP Group. Installation was complete earlier in July and the facility is now in full operation.

The system is designed to process 25TPH of newspaper, mixed paper, cardboard, beverage cartons, steel, aluminum and glass.

“We are committed to Leading the Recovery RevolutionTM for forward-thinking communities by repositioning waste as a strategic community resource instead of a growing liability,” says Sean Duffy, ReCommunity’s President and Chief Operating Officer. “Our ability to create significant positive gains for our community partners hinges on leveraging world-class operational and design expertise for our facilities.”

Duffy continues, “Tucson is a gleaming example of the end result of combining ReCommunity’s operational expertise and knowledge with CP Group’s design flexibility and experience. The result is a well-designed plant that will serve the Tucson community for years to come.”

The system includes advanced automated sorting capabilities that allow identification, separation and recovery of recyclables. The system features equipment and services from CP Manufacturing, MSS Inc, IPS Balers, and Advanced MRF, all divisions of the CP Group of companies.

Josh Wagner, CP Group Project Manager for the Tucson facility says “The Tucson Plant runs on a dynamic mix of highly experienced ReCommunity operators and CP Group technology. The seamless plant start-up was due to the cooperation and teamwork of both ReCommunity and the CP Group. We look forward to the continued successful operation of this system, which we are exceedingly proud of”.

The system features a 3-deck scalping screen, a 3-deck OCCScreen, a 3-deck Glass Breaker Screen, a Glass Cleanup System, 2 NEWScreens, a CPScreen, an Eddy Current Separator, as well as conveyors and platforms engineered and produced by CP Manufacturing.

MSS supplied Aladdin™, their optical sorter that separates plastics by color and resin type and generates three output streams from one input stream.

The multi-material export 2-Ram baler was supplied by IPS Balers. The TR-1388 has a patented Pre-Compression Lid to increase bale density, minimize strokes and eliminate shearing. The TR-1388 is able to process between 28-45 tons-per-hour high density bales of various materials.

Advanced MRF, which has been part of the CP Group team since January 2012, provided the entire electrical control platform and system integration.

The facility also features CP Group partners’ equipment, such as the Air Drum Separator by Ken Mills Engineering and the Film Vacuum System by Impact Air. The Film Vac System allows for the easy removal of grocery bags and other types of film.

About ReCommunity
With 35 facilities in 13 states, and over 1,500 employees, ReCommunity is the largest pure-play residential recycling company in the United States. ReCommunity is a leading resource recovery company that is focused on significantly reducing the volume of land-filled waste through the most advanced recycling programs and technology. From designing, building, and operating Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs) to transforming waste into ReEngineered FeedstockTM, we enable our community partners to generate additional revenue, recover community-owned resources, create new jobs, fund budget shortfalls, reduce carbon footprints, and increase recycling awareness and participation.

About CP Group

The CP Group is a world leader in custom designing and manufacturing material recovery facilities for many material types. The CP Group consists of CP Manufacturing, Krause Manufacturing, MSS, IPS Balers and Advanced MRF.