CP Glass Breaker Screen

CP’s Glass Breaker Screen provides an industry-proven way to simplify glass processing. Non-wear steel alloy elliptical discs provide maximum glass breakage while decreasing jams and downtime.

Heavy-duty and low-maintenance, this multi-level screen is field-proven to break and separate broken glass and fines from fiber and containers at optimum efficiency, without losing any aluminum or single serve bottles to the glass cullet.

The glass breaker decreases system-wide maintenance by removing and separating glass out of the system early.

CP Glass Breaker Screen Advantages:

  • Steel alloy discs break and separate glass as well as fines
  • Longest lasting discs in the industry
  • Low operating cost, reduced wrapping
  • Small openings minimize loss of aluminum and PET

CP Glass Breaker disc after 25,000 hours of use

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