Exhibit built by CP to introduce new disc, showcase live screen demo and full size CPScreen™

01San Diego, CA—CP Group of Companies will exhibit an innovative booth made entirely of MRF equipment at Waste Expo, booth #2247, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The booth is a two-story 1,432 sq. foot structure designed and built by CP Group at their manufacturing facility in San Diego. CP Group designs and manufactures material recovery facilities and recycling equipment for the waste and recycling industry.

“We are excited to showcase the first-ever tradeshow booth made entirely of material recovery facility equipment and infrastructure. It is the best way to show customers our equipment and manufacturing capabilities,” says Ashley Davis, CP Group’s Director of Sales and Marketing.

The booth, made from CP’s own platforms and handrails, will showcase the precise fit and finish of the company’s material recovery facilities, infrastructure, and screens.

“Rather than telling people about how well-built our MRFs are, we’re showing them. We are extremely pleased with the results and look forward to hosting guests on our observation deck during our CP happy hour,” says Davis.

CP will showcase a live demo unit running various patented discs: CP Cam-Disc™ used in the Glass Breaker Screens (chromium alloy style); the CPScreen™(rubber style); and the brand new patented CP Helical-Disc™. The disc was patented earlier this year and Waste Expo will be the first introduction to the market.

The Helical-Disc™ disc was created to eliminate wrapping on screens while achieving aggressive 2D/3D separation in multiple applications. The new disc will be placed in the CPScreen™ frame and will be used to segregate 2D from 3D material.

The booth will showcase a full-size CPScreen™. The 120” wide 26 rotor CPScreen™ will be used to show customers the CP SyncDrive™ and demonstrate the important safety features of the screen: the safety access door, the folding floor, and the locking rotors among other safety features.

CP Group manufactures the only screens in the industry that use belt drives instead of chain drives. The CP SyncDrive™ belts are more precise with a much longer wear life than chains and sprockets. They don’t require any oilers or tightening, and are much quieter during operation.

The second-story of CP’s booth has a private office that is constructed out of the same materials as a MRF sort cabin. The modular office enclosure was generously donated by Porta King, a major supplier of sort cabins in the waste and recycling industry.