Our Divisions

CP Group is made up of the most reliable brands in the industry: CP Manufacturing, Krause Manufacturing, MSS, and Advanced MRF.

CP Manufacturing


Founded in 1977, CP Manufacturing is the primary manufacturing division of CP Group. For nearly four decades, CP Manufacturing has been the world leader in separation technology.

CP Group evolved out of CP Manufacturing, the company that designed the world’s first aluminum can flatteners and densifiers. Over the years, CP Manufacturing has acquired several companies and set up international offices in order to provide more complete sorting solutions, and has defined itself as a leader in manufacturing systems and equipment for the recycling and waste industries.

Krause Manufacturing


Founded in 1963 and acquired by CP in 2004, Krause Manufacturing specializes in C&D solutions. Krause products are ideal for heavy duty sorting of construction and demolition streams, such as rocks, wood, concrete, and other heavy materials.

MSS, Inc.


Founded in 1974 and acquired by CP in 2003, MSS has been a pioneer in the recycling industry and continues to innovate high-tech automated sorting solutions. MSS’s optical sorters are developed in-house by R&D engineers and utilize sensor-based technology that automatically sorts material based upon its material type, making it possible to quickly separate a wide variety of materials from a waste stream without the need for manual sorting.

Advanced MRF


Founded in 2005 and acquired by CP in 2012, Advanced MRF is a Siemens Solution partner, designing high-tech automation that acts as the brains of CP Group’s advanced sort systems. Being C-10 Certified Electrical Contractors, Advanced MRF designs Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. Partnering with Siemens, Advanced MRF is able to offer customers complete, design-to-delivery systems packages.