CP NEWScreen™

The CP NEWScreen™ automatically separates large fiber from mixed paper, containers, dirt and debris. Our patented long-lasting finger disc technology ensures efficient separation and higher throughput paired with the lowest maintenance in the industry.

CP OCCScreen

CP Group’s OCCScreen automatically separates cardboard from other fibers, containers and debris; proprietary technology assures ultra-efficiency and long-term durability

CPScreen™ – 2D/3D disc screen

The CPScreen™ automatically separates small fibers from containers, and 2D from 3D material. Small screen openings decrease loss of fiber to container line, recovering even the smallest pieces of fiber. CP’s long-lasting, patented rubber cam-style discs are specially engineered to have consistent spacing at all points at all times to make discs highly resistant to both jamming and wrapping. Cam discs also have low amplitude that avoids aggressive separation to keep fiber clean of small containers and other contaminates. The CPScreen™ ensures that material is sized properly for the most efficient sort possible.

Electronic Waste (eWaste) Recycling Facility

MSS and Krause Manufacturing, both divisions of the CP Group, designed and supplied the equipment for this state-of-the-art eWaste recycling and recovery facility in Georgia.

High Capacity Drum Airknife

The Impact Air High Capacity Drum Airknife system is the latest development in material density separation technology, incorporating the fluid dynamics principle, ‘the Coanda effect’ to greatly improve the efficiency of the air stream, resulting in outstanding density separation. The technology used takes many of its design elements from the Airknife system, utilizing a high velocity channel of air, through which the in feed material must travel. However, the addition of a rotating drum dramatically increases separation efficiency.