Compact design. Big results.

Design your own 10-15 TPH Single Stream MRF using our proprietary McMRF® Builder. Just select the options you need, then experience your system as a 3D model.

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Compact, efficient single stream recovery

For years, the McMRF® has been known throughout the industry for compact design and big performance.

The McMRF® is CP Group’s answer to the rising need for compact systems with the benefits of a larger facility. Built from the highest quality machinery, the McMRF® delivers excellent recovery rates and material quality.

Modular and scalable, the McMRF® is an affordable solution that is custom-made to fit your material-recovery needs and spacial requirements. 

The customizable, modular McMRF® 

CP Group's experienced sales engineers provide comprehensive support. We help you select the right equipment and capabilities for your needs. 


  • OCCScreen™: removes large OCC from other materials

  • CPScreen™: seperates 2D from 3D containers

  • Overbelt Magnet: removes ferrous from other material

  • Eddy Current Separator: recovers aluminum from other materials

  • Two-Ram Baler: prepares commodities into bales for shipment

Other options

  • Customize infeed direction: right, left, or inline 

  • Select number of sorting stations

  • Add fiber screening

  • Add container separation equipment

  • Select container storage type

  • Customize the direction of post sort

  • Add baling solution

Take control of MRF design with our revolutionary McMRF® Builder. 

Finding the right system for the job has never been easier. Our innovative McMRF® Builder lets you interact with an immersive 3D model of a single-stream system built to your exact specifications. Just select the features you need and trim the ones you don't. Then explore a computer-generated 3D rendering of your system.

Design your system

About CP Group

CP Group is an award winning supplier of automated turn-key processing and sorting systems for residential recycling, single stream recycling, MSW management, waste to energy solutions, construction and demolition, and electronic waste recovery.

A leader in the industry, CP Group is recognized for superior engineering, innovation, and equipment durability. We have designed, manufactured and installed over 400 material recovery facilities internationally, and we continue to lead the industry with innovative, high-tech material separation technology. 

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