OCC Auger Screen

Future of Mechanical Screening

Our customers challenged us to create the MRF of the Future. We responded by developing a non-wrapping machine that disrupts the traditional MRF design flow and eliminates the presort. Our new patented OCC Auger Screen specifically targets mid to large sized OCC and creates a clean end product utilizing patented high-agitation augers. Each shaft is a self-cleaning, rotating screw that allows wrapping material to come off the opposite end. The OCC Auger Screen is non-wrapping, durable and low maintenance, requiring minimal downtime and cleaning. Additionally, when placed in front of a traditional presort, hazardous materials like sharps and needles go to the unders fraction to bypass manual sorters, creating a safer worker environment and a more efficient sorting process.

Correcting the Process Flow

In our industry, people have always protected the machines. Industrial automation should work to have machines protect the people. This is what the OCC Auger Screen does. By placing the screen prior to any manual sorters, you have safer, fewer and more productive people.

Typical MRF presort

Typical MRF Presort

The old way of designing a MRF. Overburdened, high material depth, unsafe workspace, many sorters needed, and a typical system bottleneck. No machines before the sorters.

OCC Auger Screen Post-Sort (QC)

Typical MRF Presort

The new innovative MRF design. Decreased material burden depth, less sorters needed, and improved worker safety. The machine is before any sorters.

How Industrial Automation Should Work

In our industry, the people have always protected the machines. The way industrial automation should work is that the machines should protect the people. This is what the OCC Auger Screen does. By placing the screen prior to any manual sorters, you have safer, fewer and more productive people.

Put our automation to work for you. 

NWRA Innovator of the Year - CPGOCC Auger Screen

CP Group Awarded NWRA’s Innovator of the Year

The National Waste and Recycling Association named CP Group the 2022 Innovator of the Year for the patented OCC Auger Screen. The award recognizes “recycling equipment designers and manufacturers that successfully challenge and advance recycling sector operations. It celebrates innovation in design and manufacturing that increases the effectiveness or efficiency of recycling equipment and operations”.

CP Group’s OCC Auger Screen has been a great addition to our operation. This machine does an exceptional job at producing a clean stream of OCC at an efficient pace with minimal downtime and cleaning necessary. The folks at CPG have been great to work with through this process and we will definitely work with them again for future projects.

Brian White
District Manager, Waste Connections

See the OCC Auger Screen in Action

We listened to our customers’ challenges with processing larger amounts of OCC and responded by developing this new machine. Through our research and development we put together the best of both the CP Auger Screen and OCC Screen. See it in action during testing and in the first installation at Waste Connections.

Patented OCC Screen

Features and Benefits 

  • Patented non-round augers create material agitation

  • Cantilevered augers are designed and manufactured in-house

  • Non-wrapping or jamming, self-cleaning, and low maintenance

  • High agitation and throughput

  • Eliminates the presort

  • Improve system uptime and worker safety

  • Increase overall system performance  

Webinar: How to Optimize OCC Recovery

Cardboard constitutes the bulk of the household recycling stream, both in volume and in value. The differing mechanical properties of carboard change the flow of material within a MRF and therefore operational and capital decisions.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How the dominance of OCC changes flow and chokepoints in a MRF
  • How to tweak operations to deal with these changing flows
  • How to account for OCC when designing the new MRF of the Future

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