Source: Recycling Today

Republic Services Inc., a Phoenix-based waste management and recycling company, has officially dedicated its newest material recovery facility in Fort Worth, Tex. The 90,000-square foot facility will service customers in Dallas, Denton, Parker and Tarrant counties.

“We are proud of our community, and take to heart our role as responsible stewards of the local environment,” says Craig Mikolajchak, general manager of Republic Services in Fort Worth. “Innovation in recycling and waste solutions has arrived in the Metroplex. This facility will provide our customers and community with more efficient, clean and safe recycling options, and much needed capacity.”

The MRF will collect and process all plastics marked 1 through 7, a wide range of paper, old corrugated containers, glass, aluminum and other recyclables.

According to Republic, the facility has been built using what it says is a highly-automated Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system, which enables facility operators to continually monitor the materials sorting process, move 35 tons of materials per hour and automate the baling and storage of finished commodities. It has the capacity to sort and process incoming materials, and ship finished commodities to dCP Group Single Stream Systemomestic and international markets. The MRF system was built by the CP Group.