The CP Group announces the release of the i-MRF™

May 15, 2012

The CP Group, San Diego, CA, is proud to announce the release of their newest software intelligence that is making material recovery facilities (MRF) “smarter”. The CP Group designs, manufactures and installs advanced recycling sorting systems for the waste and recycling industry- and is ready to implement their system intelligence, or the i-MRF™, into recycling facilities.

Bob Davis, CEO of the CP Group says, “We at the CP Group have identified the need for material recovery facilities to become more intelligent as a necessary step in the evolution of this increasingly competitive industry. Our goal is to give our customers the ultimate competitive advantage, and this is achieved through the implementation of our i-MRF™”.

In early 2012, the CP Group acquired systems integration company, Advanced MRF, to ensure they are uniquely qualified to make the i-MRF™ a success. The CP Group has committed talent and resources to the successful development of the i-MRF™, and the team expresses their excitement to roll-out the intelligent operating and controls package.

Richard Price, General Manager of Advanced MRF, says, “We are enthusiastic about how this systems intelligence, encompassed by the term i-MRF™, is going to improve our customers’ operations by giving them the tools they need to improve their bottom line”.

Some of the key benefits of the CP Group i-MRF™ are based on seamless data-acquisition and control of processing equipment across the plant floor, combined with real-time reporting for the enterprise level and integrated diagnostics for the operators, all accessible via internet based technologies.

Davis continues, “This systems intelligence really places us in a league of our own, as we are the only MRF manufacturer that can truly offer these capabilities. We are continually taking steps to proactively answer the demands of the industry, which assists us in keeping our reputation as being a global leader in designing and manufacturing MRFs”.

Price says, “This is the tip of the iceberg, we are ready to implement ‘phase 1’ of our i-MRF™, and continuing to develop more advanced capabilities to be released at a later date”.

For more information, please visit or contact Ashley Davis at or by telephone (o): 619.477.3175. Connect with The CP Group on Facebook at or Twitter!/theCPgrp