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Nashville, TN – December 18, 2023 – MSS, Inc., a global leader in the manufacturing of sensor-based sorting technology for the recycling and waste management sector, proudly marks its 50th anniversary. Founded in 1973 by Dr. Garry Kenny and Dr. Edward Sommer, both Vanderbilt University graduates, MSS has evolved from a small product line serving specialized metal sorting applications to a renowned provider of near-infrared (NIR), color, metal, and artificial intelligence (AI) based optical sorting technologies.

Throughout its history, MSS has remained at the forefront of innovation in response to industry needs. In 1991, the company introduced the first BottleSort®, revolutionizing the sorting of post-consumer plastic containers by type and color. Subsequent generations, such as the Binary BottleSort™ and the advanced NIR sorters marketed under the CIRRUS® tradename, showcased MSS’s commitment to increased throughput, flexibility, and sensor resolution.

MSS’s expertise extends to the sorting of flexible materials, particularly paper and plastic film, where the company has pioneered patented air-assist systems for nearly 25 years. The latest generation, the FiberMax™, offers even higher sensor resolution and is joined by the PlasticMax™, FilmMax™, and eMax™ machines for comprehensive sorting solutions.

Meeting the demands of e-scrap and metal scrap customers, MSS introduced the L-VIS™ line-scan camera technology in 2010, which it then updated to the second-generation L-VIS™ units in 2019 that offer quadruple the pixel resolution. The MetalMiner™, the third-generation induction-based sorting technology, succeeded earlier technologies like the MetalSort™ and ELPAC™.

Patents have played a significant role in protecting MSS’s core technologies, with notable recent additions including the PrecisionFlow™ eject hood in 2019. The curved design eliminates back pressure, ensuring optimal performance, particularly in high-speed optical sorters like the 1,000FPM FiberMax™.

To accommodate the growing demand for its technology, MSS relocated to a larger manufacturing plant, expanding from 26,000ft2 to 46,000ft2 in 2015. Further expansion plans include a move to an even larger facility within the Nashville, TN city limits by 2025.

Greg Thibado, Vice President of MSS, attributes the company’s endurance to its exceptional employees. “For 50 years, MSS has been fortunate to have hard-working, dedicated, and innovative individuals as the foundation of our success. As technology and market conditions evolve, our people remain constant, ensuring a bright and prosperous future.”

MSS remains committed to developing cutting-edge sensor-based sorting technology, providing personalized customer service, and delivering high-quality products. The recent introduction of AI technology, such as the Vivid AI™, promises significant growth opportunities for MSS and the recycling sector at large.

Felix Hottenstein, MSS Sales Director, emphasizes the company’s dedication to providing automated optical sorting solutions across the recycling and waste management industry. “MSS is proud to offer state-of-the-art optical sorting systems that address current market demands and empower our customers to drive their operations into the future with cost-effective, time-saving technology.”

MSS, Inc. operates under the umbrella of CP Group, a global leader in waste diversion solutions and material recovery facility manufacturing.