CP LightsOut™ Air Drum Separator

CP LightsOut™ Air Drum Separator

Lightweight materials and contaminants can be challenging to separate from 2” minus glass. To solve this problem, CP Group developed a robust low-maintenance air separation solution to clean mixed broken glass generated from MRFs. This efficient solution has reduced operating costs compared to other glass cleaning systems.

LightsOut™ is the most cost-effective way to clean the glass in your material stream. It requires no regular maintenance, does not jam and has no wear parts.

LightsOut™ delivers maximum separation efficiency and processes high volumes material.

Why LightsOut™?

• Cost-effective separation of light material from glass
• Extremely low maintenance, does not jam
• Low operating cost per ton, no wear parts
• Turnkey equipment, ships ready to plug and play
• No bag house or cyclone required
• Made in the USA


• Separates light material such as film, fiber, and grit from glass
• Processes high volumes of material with surge protection
• No wear surfaces
• Separation chamber has no blockage points
• Easy to tune and adjust
• Quiet and no vibration

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