Powerful, versatile, low-maintenance 2D/3D sorting technology.

made by cp group

made by cp group

CPScreen™ is the best 2D/3D separator in the industry


The CPScreen™ automatically separates small fibers from containers, and 2D from 3D material while ensuring that material is sized properly for the most efficient sort possible.

Small screen openings decrease loss of fiber to container line, recovering even the smallest pieces of fiber.

CP’s long-lasting, patented rubber cam-style discs are specially engineered to have consistent spacing at all points at all times to make discs highly resistant to both jamming and wrapping. 

Cam discs also have low amplitude that avoids aggressive separation to keep fiber clean of small containers and other contaminates. 

See our High-Tech Material Recover Facility in Action

CP Group designed and installed this MRF in Texas, capable of processing more than 140,000 tons of material yearly, or approximately 35 tons per hour of residential single stream material, and 25 tons per hour of commercial and industrial recyclable material.

The system incorporates Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), optical sorting technology, and is capable of processing . 

Key Benefits of CPScreen™


  • Can handle up to 3 times more tonnage than ballistic separators

  • Powerful, versatile, low-maintenance 2D/3D sorting technology.


  • Automatically separates small fibers from containers, and 2D from 3D material, removing 99% of flat fiber materials from the container line

  • Small screen openings maximize both large and small fiber capture rate

  • Disc lobe spacing is tight and each row of rotors is clocked at 90-degrees to each other in order to separate newsprint and large, flat fiber materials from 3-dimensional containers


  • Handles both single stream and MSW materials

  • Variable speed drives and hydraulic cylinders allow the operator to adjust the screen speed as well as the angle for optimal separation

  •  Screen widths from 80” to 140”


  • Easy replacement of two-piece, patented rubber Cam-Discs, no shaft removal necessary

  • Heavy-duty rotor shafts won’t bend

  • CP SyncDriveTM timing belts last up to 4 times longer than chains

  • Discs are highly resistant to wear, jamming, and wrapping

Designed for Safety

  • Uses trapped key system, ensuring the machine can’t run while undergoing maintenance

  • Incorporates other safety features like: folding floor, access door, harness connection, a hydraulic maintenance floor, lock-out tag-out, and mechanical lock on shafts for anti-roll back

About CP Group

CP Group is an award winning supplier of automated turn-key processing and sorting systems for residential recycling, single stream recycling, MSW management, waste to energy solutions, construction and demolition, and electronic waste recovery.

A leader in the industry, CP Group is recognized for superior engineering, innovation, and equipment durability. We have designed, manufactured and installed over 400 material recovery facilities internationally, and we continue to lead the industry with innovative, high-tech material separation technology. 

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