December 19, 2012

The CP Group, San Diego, CA, and Jarshire, UK, announce their partnership with Jarshire, who will represent the CP Group in the United Kingdom and Europe, along with CPME, CP’s UK branch.

“As what has been seen as huge vote of confidence in our business strategy, in late 2012 we announced that we had been appointed to represent  the CP Group, for its ranges of MRF and associated equipment in the UK”, said Nick Jobson, Director at Jarshire.

The CP Group comprises CP Manufacturing, Krause Manufacturing, IPS Balers, MSS and Advanced MRF – each a leading manufacturer and supplier of separation and material recovery equipment and associated technology for the waste management and recycling industry. With a product range that runs from Single and Dual Stream recycling to complete Municipal Solid Waste turnkey systems, the CP Group is also the leading supplier of advanced automated processing and sorting for the Construction and Demolition, Commercial and Industrial, Waste-to-Energy, and Electronic Waste sectors.

“This really is the next step in our development. From IPS Balers – the most extensive line of balers in the recycling industry with unmatched production for almost any material type, to CP Group’s equipment, we are now able to claim to be truly a one-stop shop in the MRF world”, Jobson continues.

The appointment of Jarshire as a representative of the CP Group is a natural progression from Jarshire’s close association with IPS Balers, for whom we have been UK agents for the past seven years.  IPS Balers joined the CP Group team in 2009.

IPS Balers designs and manufactures one of the most extensive lines of balers in the recycling industry offering innovative features that provide superior performance and unmatched production for almost any material type.

“We are happy to have the Jarshire team join us to add to our range of machine and system distribution and service. The CP Group is focused on how to best serve our customers as we build a larger network of distributors, partners and representatives around the world”, says John Inman, CP Group Sales Manager.

During Jarshire’s time as an IPS agent, they have completed over 54 installations encompassing the complete range of IPS balers, these include the Closed Door semi-automatic, IPS fully automatic, IPS patented Hinged Side, and the Conquest fully automatic balers, the latter being the fastest automatic baler on the market. Also featured has been the IPS Two Ram baler, which has been installed in applications ranging from small to medium family businesses to RDF plants and the largest MRFs in Europe.

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