CP Auger Screen

The first true anti-wrapping & non-blinding screen.

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Anti-Wrapping Screen with Low Wear and Maintenance

The revolutionary CP Auger Screen™ sizes material by using a series of cantilevered augers that do not wrap or jam, requiring very low-maintenance. Built with low-wear technology, it maintains reliable sizing at high volumes for Single Stream, C&I, C&D, and MSW applications.

Watch CP Auger Screen Process Single Stream Material

Watch CP Auger Screen Process Stringy, Dry Commercial, and C&D Material

CP Auger Screen Features

  • No wrapping or jamming
  • Reduces manual sorters
  • Low maintenance, minimal wear
  • Three cuts: Overs, Unders, and Sides
  • Reliable sizing at high volume

Single Stream


Commercial & Industrial


Construction & Demolition


Mixed Waste

Multiple Sizes

8” openings when used before presort

• Decreases amount of material seen by sorters, increases efficiency
• Removes small fraction from sorters, increases safety
• Decreases amount of manual sorters needed, only see the “Big Uglies”

5” openings when used as a scalping machine

• Creates homogenouse sized streams to properly feed downstream machines
• Captures small OCC (Amazon effect) in one place for better recovery of OCC

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