CP Auger Screen

Anti-Wrapping Sizing Machine

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Anti-Wrapping Screen with Low Wear and Maintenance

The revolutionary CP Auger Screen™ sizes material by using a series of cantilevered augers that mitigate wrapping and jamming, and requiring very low-maintenance. Built with low-wear technology, it maintains reliable sizing at high volumes for Single Stream, MSW, C&D, C&I, and Green Waste applications.


Primary Separator


Scalping Screen


Fines Screen

Watch CP Auger Screen process MSW at Hampden, Maine facility. 

Watch CP Auger Screen process MSW at Boston facility. 

Watch CP Auger Screen Process Single Stream Material

Watch CP Auger Screen Process Stringy, Dry Commercial, and C&D Material

CP Auger Screen Features

  • Extremely low wrapping and jamming
  • Reduces manual sorters
  • Low maintenance, minimal wear
  • Three cuts: Overs, Unders, and Sides
  • Reliable sizing at high volume

Single Stream


Commercial & Industrial


Construction & Demolition


Mixed Waste


Green Waste

Adjustable Opening Sizes


8” openings when used before presort

• Decreases amount of material seen by sorters, increases efficiency
• Removes small fraction from sorters, increases safety
• Decreases amount of manual sorters needed, only see the “Big Uglies”

5” openings when used as a scalping machine

• Creates homogenous sized streams to properly feed downstream machines
• Captures small OCC (Amazon effect) in one place for better recovery of OCC

3” openings for fines removal

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