Sunnyvale, CA – MSW CPScreen Retrofit


The Sunnyvale Material Recovery and Transfer (SMaRT) Station’s MSW system was installed in 2009. The mixed waste MRF consists of dual infeed municipal solid waste processing lines and a residential processing line.

In April 2015, CP Group retrofitted the MRF for increased material recovery and system performance. Today, the system is exceeding expectations.



Burlington County MRF Installation

Time lapse video of the installation of Burlington County’s 35 tons per hour single stream recycling system, engineered and installed by CP Group.

The system sorts a variety of recyclables, including recyclable paper, cardboard, glass, steel, aluminum and plastic containers by using advanced sorting technology from the CP Group.

Equipment list includes a drum feeder, multiple screens with proprietary disc technology, a glass trommel and glass cleanup system, multiple magnets, 2 MSS Aladdin™ optical sorters, and two Two-Ram balers.



Australia — 30 TPH Material Recovery Facility

CP Group, in conjunction with Australian distributor Wastech, commissioned a state-of-the-art single stream co-mingled material recovery facility (MRF) for Perthwaste in Bibra Lake, Australia. The recycling facility processes 30 tons per hour.



Electronic Waste (eWaste) Recycling Facility

MSS and Krause Manufacturing, both divisions of the CP Group, designed and supplied the equipment for this state-of-the-art eWaste recycling and recovery facility in Georgia.

Construction & Demolition MRF

Construction & Demolition

Krause Manufacturing, a division of the CP Group, designs and manufactures the most durable and efficient construction and demolition (C&D) material recovery facilities in the industry.