L-VIS Optical Sorter for Wires from ASR

MSS’s L-VIS™ is our new high-resolution optical sorter for the separation of small particles by color and shape, using a high-resolution color camera that provides the ultimate separation performance for plastic flake/pellets, e-scrap (wires, circuit boards, metals) , and other small particle applications- this video shows the L-VIS™ sorting out wires out of a mixed stream of metals in an ASR facility.

Sierra Waste Albany: Commingled Line Retrofit

Single-Stream Container Line Upgrade, 6 tons/hr, with three (3) CIRRUS Optical Sorters, replacing four of our competitors under-performing optical sorters.

CIRRUS #1 sorts HDPE, CIRRUS #2 sorts PET, and CIRRUS #3 sorts Mixed Plastics (#3-7).


L-VIS™: Optical Sorting in High Definition

One of MSS’ newest optical sorters, L-VIS™, uses state-of-the-art high resolution color camera and provides accurate separation of small particle by color and shape such as plastic flake and pellets, e-scrap fines, metal scrap, minerals, and more.

MSS is a division of the CP Group, the leading manufacturers of separation equipment in the waste and recycling industries.


Electronic Waste (eWaste) Recycling Facility

MSS and Krause Manufacturing, both divisions of the CP Group, designed and supplied the equipment for this state-of-the-art eWaste recycling and recovery facility in Georgia.