MSS CIRRUS® FiberMax™ is the next generation of optical fiber sorting technology. Faster, Smarter, and Better than any other automated sorting technology in the industry.

The high-speed conveyor belt of the CIRRUS® FiberMax™ runs at twice the speed of conventional optical sorters, and a proprietary air-assist and material handling system keeps the paper moving through the sensing zone in a laminar flow without turbulence. It sorts paper 40x faster than manual sorting thanks to belt speeds of 1,000 feet per minute.

Every CIRRUS® FiberMax™ is equipped with an intuitive learning algorithm that adapts to changes in the ever evolving material stream. An automated software assistant speeds up the programming of different or new types of contaminants and automates the fine-tuning of the sort recipe, all the while helping it to make distinctions the human eye can’t.

CIRRUS® FiberMax™ generates a higher purity paper grade for better marketability. In one recent installation, the CIRRUS® FiberMax™ decreased the level of prohibitives in a residential mixed paper stream from about 10% to less than 3% consistently. Additionally, it reduced the number of manual sorters by six per shift on the mixed paper QC line.


Largest, Smartest Residential Recycling Center in North America

CP Group, in partnership with Republic Services, unveiled a new, state-of-the-art recycling center at a grand opening ceremony on November 12.

The 110,000 square foot Southern Nevada Recycling Center has been dubbed by Republic Services as “the largest and smartest residential recycling center in North America.”

This video was presented at the grand opening reception, welcoming over 450 attendees to tour the facility and education center.


MSS CIRRUS Optical Sorter for HDPE and PET

The CIRRUS™ combines high-resolution Near-Infrared, color, and metal sorting. It allows you to sort a wide variety of mixed materials, using advanced digital signal processing and software algorithms. Detection options are: over the belt, in-flight with reflective reference, and in-flight over illuminated reference. Applications: plastic bottles, plastic flakes, paper, cardboard, cartons, e-waste, metal scrap, MSW, C&D.


L-VIS Optical Sorter for Stainless Steel

MSS’ L-VIS™ is our new high-resolution optical sorter for the separation of small particles by color and shape, using a high-resolution color camera that provides the ultimate separation performance for plastic flake/pellets, e-scrap (wires, circuit boards, metals) , and other small particle applications- this video shows the L-VIS™ sorting out stainless steel out of a mixed stream of metals in an auto shredder facility.