Case Studies

Lessons Learned Operating Las Vegas’ New Massive MRF

“Lessons Learned Operating Las Vegas’ New Massive MRF” was published as a feature article on April 15, 2016 on Read the original article here: It’s been five months since the opening of the 110,000-sq.-ft. Southern Nevada Recycling Center. The $35 million MRF is capable of processing two million pounds of recyclable material per day, or 70 tons per hour, and is expected to double recycling capacity in the area. Overall, the facility has the capacity to process 265,000 tons on an annual basis. The facility features dual sorting lines, each with a capacity to process 35 tons per hour. The setup means that even if one line goes down, the other can keep running. Although the center will largely process residential recycling, it also has the capability to process commercial and industrial streams and is designed to adapt as the composition of the recycling stream continues to evolve. The setup at the Southern Nevada Recycling Center includes five optical sorters that use 2D and 3D technologies to make material separation decisions in milliseconds. The center’s recycling systems also provide operators with an automated, touch screen control system, as well as tablet-based capabilities that allow for real-time systems management and monitoring, data acquisition and remote access. The capability to run the system off remote human machine interfaces (HMIs) is a change from how previous systems have been run. From tablets—on or off site—the facility’s managers have the ability to do things like re-set screens, adjust sorters and change the speeds of motors. The MRF is owned by Republic Services Inc. CP Group designed and manufactured the equipment. Waste360 spoke with... read more

MSS CIRRUS optical sorter achieves high score in independent study of shrink-sleeved PET bottles

MSS Inc., a world leading manufacturer of optical sorting equipment, recently achieved the highest average sorting performance against five competitors, in an independent study. The results of this study were presented at the APR Technical Forum in New Orleans, Louisiana on February 1st, 2016. The test was intended to determine whether a new type of polyolefin-based shrink label for PET bottles, manufactured by UPM Raflatac, could be commercialized in the current PET market with the existing infrastructure. The test also determined whether the labels could be properly separated both by resin and color. This testing was facilitated and performed by Plastics Forming Enterprises, LLC, an independent full service testing and R&D company serving the plastics, packaging, recycling and consumer products industries. The evaluation was carried out at the testing centers of six optical sorter manufacturers. The testing involved several trial runs of sample bottles, as well as other runs of sample bottles mixed in with random PET and Non-PET plastic bottles. The testing focused on the identification of PET bottles of various colors (substrate) behind the partially or fully sleeved label of various colors, and whether they could be positively or negatively sorted as separate categories. The MSS CIRRUS achieved the highest average test score (88.2%) amongst the six optical sorter manufacturers, as shown in the bargraph below. “This study further underlines that the MSS proprietary CIRRUS NIR + Color sensing and identification hardware and software are superior to other technologies, including NIR cameras and channelized scanners,” says Felix Hottenstein, MSS Sales Director. “And it does apply to flake sorting applications as well.” “The CIRRUS is MSS’s latest generation of high-resolution NIR,... read more

CP Group featured as MRF of the Month in Industry Publication

CP Group’s “largest and smartest recycling system in North America” is featured in the March 2016 issue of Resource Recycling.  Click here to view the PDF. Read full text below. Full Text from Resource Recycling, March 2016: In a region built on gambling, Republic Services has upped the ante on recycling. The nationwide hauler and MRF operator has opened a state-of-the-art MRF in North Las Vegas. The facility, called the Southern Nevada Recycling Center & Learning Center, has two lines capable of sorting a combined 70 tons per hour. More than 535,000 households in the Las Vegas metropolitan area now send their single-stream materials to the facility, which is expecting to sort about 175,000 tons this year. Commercial customers send materials in dual-streams or single-streams, depending on the client. The 110,000-square-foot facility uses equipment from the CP Group, including “an innovative glass cleaning system that is being introduced for the first time worldwide,” said Len Christopher, general manager for post-collection at Republic Services. The MRF sees a significant amount of glass because of the quantities generated by the city’s hotels and casinos. “The sophisticated system, created by the CP Group, uses advanced technologies and the principles of engineering and physics to increase glass recovery,” Christopher said. “The system passes materials through a tr  ommel screen, which removes glass fines – or tiny parti­cles – and other small debris. The materials continue through a rotating drum designed to agitate its contents. At one end of the drum, a large vacuum extracts any non-glass items. Meanwhile, denser material – clean glass – exits the drum at the other end, where it flows into a container... read more

Largest and Smartest Residential Recycling Center in North America

CP Group Technology Featured in Republic Services’ new Largest and Smartest Residential Recycling Center in North America A look at the sophisticated technology inside the facility Las Vegas, NV, (January 5, 2016) – CP Group, in partnership with Republic Services, Inc., unveiled a new, state-of-the-art recycling center at a grand opening ceremony on November 12.  The 110,000 square foot Southern Nevada Recycling Center has been dubbed by Republic Services as “the largest and smartest residential recycling center in North America.” The grand opening reception last November welcomed over 450 attendees to tour the facility and education center.   Site development constructed by Cambridge Companies and equipment installation by CP Group was completed in a remarkable 12 months, from the groundbreaking in November 2014 to the grand opening at the end of 2015. CP Group engineered the residential and commercial single-stream processing system, capable of processing two million pounds of recyclable material per day, or 70 tons per hour. This capability is expected to double recycling capacity throughout Clark County, Nevada.   Engineered Solutions   The facility features dual 35 TPH sorting lines. The dual lines system provides operational flexibility. Republic is able to process one or both lines, and is capable of bypassing certain parts of the system when running different material types. The center will largely process residential recycling and has the capability to process commercial and industrial streams. This built-in flexibility allows the system to adapt as the composition of the recycling stream continues to evolve.   “There are scales throughout the system,” says Terry Schneider, CEO of CP Group. “[The incoming tonnage] can be calculated on... read more

Mixed Waste MRF Retrofit: a case study

The Sunnyvale Material Recovery and Transfer (SMaRT) Station was installed in 2007 as one of the CP’s first mixed waste processing systems. The SMaRT Station MRF is operated by Bay Counties Waste Services (BCWS), a progressive waste company with roots in the waste management industry dating back to 1914. The mixed waste MRF consists of dual infeed municipal solid waste processing lines and a residential processing line. CP Group was selected to retrofit the MRF for increased material recovery and system performance. The retrofitted system is exceeding expectations. Watch the video below about how we helped the owners of the Sunnyvale, CA SMaRT Station optimize their operations. You can also read the full case study... read more

CP Group Earns MRF of the Month with ReCommunity Memphis

Source: Resource Recycling The City of Memphis, known as the final resting place of the King of Rock and Roll, the home of Sun Studios and Stax Records, as well as savory southern cooking, is also the home to Resource Recycling’s July 2013 MRF of the month. ReCommunity Memphis opened in 1996 and recently received a single-stream processing retrofit completed in January. The new equipment was designed, manufactured and installed by San Diego, California-based CP Group. At full capacity, the 20-tons-per-hour processing line is capable of managing upwards of 90,000 tons of material annually. In 2013, the MRF is expected to process 20,000 tons of material, up from from 2012’s total of 15,000 tons. The material mix for the facility is approximately 65 percent fiber and 35 percent commingled containers. The MRF handles recycables from over 850,000 residents participating in single-stream curbside collection and drop-off programs in the City of Memphis and the surrounding communities of Arlington, Bartlett, Collierville, Hernando, Lakeland, Olive Branch and Southaven. ReCommunity Memphis also processes many hard plastics, including large plastic toys, plastic lawn furniture and 5-gallon or larger plastic pails or containers. In addition, small plastic containers, Nos. 1-7, aseptic cartons and metal pots and pans are processed at the plant. ReCommunity Memphis also collects and processes commercial recyclable materials, leveraging its client-tailored collection programs, which have strengthened ties to the Memphis business community. The system managing that material includes CP-manufactured screens to handle OCC, newsprint and for separating fibers from containers. It also includes two MSS Aladdin optical sorters for separating and recovering plastics and cartons and a glass cleaner. The most common... read more

CP Group Earns MRF of the Month with Burrtec Victor Valley

Source: Resource Recycling Located in southwestern San Bernadino County at the southwestern edge of the Mojave Desert, Victorville, California is known as the “Key City of High Desert.” During the Gold Rush, the town provided shelter and supplies for travelers making their way across the desert from the east to San Bernadino. Now, the city of 115,000 is home to the Victor Valley Materials Recovery Facility, which processes recyclables for the cities of Adelanto, Apple Valley, Barstow, Victorville and San Bernardino County.   Owned by the Town of Apple Valley and City of Victorville, the MRF was constructed and equipped almost two decades ago by system revenue bonds issued by the Mojave Desert and Mountain Recycling Authority. Burrtec Waste Industries operates the 38,400-square-foot facility and provides collection services to the surrounding communities. The 20-tons-per-hour, single- stream processing line was designed and installed by CP Manufacturing and handles commingled materials from residential single-stream curbside collection. The facility processed just under 30,000 tons of recyclables in 2012, with a mix of 71 percent fiber and 27 percent containers. The MRF also manages source-separated materials from commercial entities, as well as operating a buy-back operation for California redemption value (CRV) containers of all types (aluminum, glass, PET, HDPE water jugs), as well as corrugated cardboard and newspaper. The facility’s “Recycle Alley” drop-off area also accepts unwanted end-of-life electronics, clean clothing and shoes, scrap metal, mixed paper and mixed bottles, cans and plastic containers and tubs, Nos. 1-7. The facility has many of same issues that most MRFs face, with nuisances such as plastic bags and other items that wrap around and jam... read more

CP Earns MRF of the Month with ReCommunity Tucson

Source: Resource Recycling  Just 60 miles north of the Mexico-U.S. border, the metropolitan area of Tuscon, Arizona is home to just under 1 million residents. And, located just outside of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, south of downtown, is also the city’s newest materials recovery facility, ReCommunity Tucson. The 60,000-square-foot MRF handles mostly single-stream collected recyclable materials from the region’s residents and multi-stream recyclables from area businesses. The facility was built to service ReCommunity’s service partner, the City of Tucson, in a very quick construction cycle – just 200 days from groundbreaking to processing materials. The MRF was designed, manufactured and installed by the CP Group, and features three-deck scalping screen, a three-deck OCC screen, a thre-edeck glass breaker screen, a glass clean-up system, an Eddy Current Separator, as well as conveyors and platforms engineered and produced by CP Manufacturing. It also has an MSS optical sorter and a two-ram baler supplied by IPS Balers. The system was designed by CP with the flexibility to grow in the future, such as the addition of another optical sortation device or another baler. The MRF also i ncludes a brand-new education center to promote recycling education and elevate community engagement. According to ReCommunity Tucson, the company is “constantly working to upgrade the facility and expand the list of acceptable items so we can divert more material from the landfill, and enable our community partner to generate more revenue and create more jobs.” ReCommunity Tucson has approximately 30 “team members” working one shift, five days per week. Technical Specifications: Location: Tucson, Arizona Start-up date: July 2012 Number of processing lines: One Throughput: 25... read more

CP Group Earns MRF of the Month with Casella Rutland

Source: Resource Recycling Located roughly in the middle of the Green Mountain State, 45 miles west of New Hampshire and 20 miles east of New York state, Rutland, Vermont is also home not only to the Casella Zero-Sort Recycling Facility upgraded just over a year ago, but is also the headquarters of the owner of the MRF, Casella Waste Systems. The 58,000-square-foot recycling facility manages materials collected from a variety of residential subscription, commercial and municipal customers throughout Vermont, eastern New York and western New Hampshire. The materials, which are approximately 70 percent fiber and 22 percent commingled containers, are primarily collected from single-stream programs, though some materials come from dual- or multi-stream collection programs. The facility’s 15 tons-per-hour separation system, designed, built and installed by CP Manufacturing, Inc., has three lines: a mixed fiber line, one for newspaper sortation and a comingled container line. The system includes OCC and mixed paper screens, a Harris Badger baler, a Javelin eddy current separator and a Dings Mag Drum magnet wheel. The company expects to process over 30,000 tons of materials in 2013. The MRF has an average residue rate of 8 percent and when asked what the biggest issue the facility has to deal with, Casella’s director of marketing, Marc Okrant, said “Though film or plastic bags can be difficult to handle, at the Rutland MRF we’ve become very effective at collecting and baling them for market.” When the facility was built, the building was retrofitted for energy savings, including installing occupancy sensors for all internal and external lighting. Okrant also noted that the company will soon be adding capacitors... read more

Recycling Systems are Getting Smarter, the CP Group is Pioneering the Intelligence

The CP Group announces the release of the i-MRF™ May 15, 2012 The CP Group, San Diego, CA, is proud to announce the release of their newest software intelligence that is making material recovery facilities (MRF) “smarter”. The CP Group designs, manufactures and installs advanced recycling sorting systems for the waste and recycling industry- and is ready to implement their system intelligence, or the i-MRF™, into recycling facilities. Bob Davis, CEO of the CP Group says, “We at the CP Group have identified the need for material recovery facilities to become more intelligent as a necessary step in the evolution of this increasingly competitive industry. Our goal is to give our customers the ultimate competitive advantage, and this is achieved through the implementation of our i-MRF™”. In early 2012, the CP Group acquired systems integration company, Advanced MRF, to ensure they are uniquely qualified to make the i-MRF™ a success. The CP Group has committed talent and resources to the successful development of the i-MRF™, and the team expresses their excitement to roll-out the intelligent operating and controls package. Richard Price, General Manager of Advanced MRF, says, “We are enthusiastic about how this systems intelligence, encompassed by the term i-MRF™, is going to improve our customers’ operations by giving them the tools they need to improve their bottom line”. Some of the key benefits of the CP Group i-MRF™ are based on seamless data-acquisition and control of processing equipment across the plant floor, combined with real-time reporting for the enterprise level and integrated diagnostics for the operators, all accessible via internet based technologies. Davis continues, “This systems intelligence really... read more