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Keeping Green

in the Black

CP Group will help you keep your green operations in the black.

For nearly four decades, we have provided our customers

practical, highly efficient solutions for their operations. Our

equipment is engineered for the least amount of maintenance

possible. We design our systems and equipment for safe

operations. Our electrical controls division monitors your

equipment and provides advanced diagnostics and real time

data to maximize operational efficiency. Our after-sales service

team provides lifetime support for all our equipment. CP Group’s

business model is built around your profitability. Your success is

our first priority.



We understand that your operation is unique. Material Recovery

Facilities come in various sizes with differing equipment

based on material type, tonnage, and operational goals. CP

Group’s system designs are custom-engineered solutions for

your specific needs. Our experienced staff of engineers, field

technicians, and operations teams not only work for you, we also

work with you. By drawing on years of experience gathered in

the field, our in-house team of designers and engineers provide

solutions that yield proven results.



Single Stream Processing

Municipal Solid Waste

Waste to Energy Front-End

Commercial and Industrial

Construction and Demolition

Electronic Waste Processing

Retrofit Solutions


Engineering Services

System Auditing

System Integration

Electrical Engineering

Award Winning

System Design

The 2014 SWANA Recycling Excellence Gold Award went

to the North Texas Recycling Complex, designed, built, and

installed by CP Group. This industry-recognized, award-winning

system handles materials collected from more than 350,000

households in communities around the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

The MRF processes 35 tons per hour for residential materials

and 20 tons per hour for commercial materials. The plant was

designed to recover 95% of the targeted recyclable materials

going through the sorting system, and it is exceeding that goal.