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Customer and Project Partner Feedback

“Now that the Burlington County MRF project is complete,

we wanted to take this opportunity to commend the entire

CP Group team that worked on our project. From the

beginning to end they all were extremely professional,

excellent at problem solving and followed through on

commitments. We look forward to working with CP again

in the near future.”

—Christopher Nugent, Dandrea Construction Co., Inc.

“I have a very close working relationship with the team at

CP Manufacturing. I have been working with CP for a little

over a decade and continue to work with them because of

the responsiveness of their team and the effectiveness of

their equipment. We take great pride in shipping out clean

end-products, and CP helps us achieve that.”

—Joe Lewandowski, Plant Manager, ReCommunity

“We are very happy with the purchase of our e-Sort

optical sorting unit, it provides us with consistently high

separation efficiency. In addition, MSS provides us with

great service and support whenever we require it.”

—Darrel Schmidt, Owner, DCal Services LLC

“As a facility manager of a high volume single stream MRF,

and now as a Region Manager, I am a big advocate of CP

Group. They’ve always been very responsive to all of my

needs. I’m very impressed with their customer service and

the training they supply to ensure a facility’s successful

start-up and long-term operation. I know how much the

entire CP team cares about our success.”

—Ron Santos, Northeast Regional Manager, ReCommunity

“We are very pleased with our relationship with the Krause

team and enjoy working with them. The equipment and

system are running extremely well. Our facility was

designed to be fast and efficient for our customers- and

it is. Their Electrical Division, Advanced MRF, helped

remotely and got us back up and running very fast- we

were very impressed, and relieved. We would work with

Krause again in a heartbeat!”

—Randall Baker, General Manager, Abbey Green

“I am really impressed with this project (Burlington

County). This operation was something very special. The

installation of the equipment was very professional and

the way the machinery operated was amazing. I think the

County has something here they can be proud of. It was

a great team effort on the part of CP Group, who built the

system in a plant 3000 miles away, shipped it across the

country, and put it together here, expertly fitting it into the

building. I would like to thank everybody for the wonderful

experience and to a job well done. I think we all can be

proud of what we were able to do.”

—Joe Gould, Vice President, DEC Electrical Contractors

“Throughout the design process CP focused on our final

goal, the delivery of a state-of-the-art facility in the heart

of London. CP’s approach to being our partner in the

development of the project from day one ensured that

the design focused on the key performance deliverables,

quality and reliability, throughout the design stage of the


—Neil Arlett, Former Divisional Engineering Manager, Biffa

• Trapped key interlocks (lock-out tag-out) are used to ensure

safe access to potentially live equipment. A safe sequence

of operations is enabled through transfer of keys that are

either trapped or released in a predetermined order. With the

double key system, the machine cannot be started while the

doors are unlocked.

• The CPScreen™ and NEWScreen™ contain a fold-down

service platform to access rotors. The floor is moved by

hydraulic cylinders, and can only be unfolded when the

screen is in its lowest position, or maintenance mode. This

system eliminates the risk of falling during maintenance.

• Optional safety fences surround the ground level of the

plant and are locked during operation. Access to the ground

floor beneath the sorting equipment is limited to authorized

employees with keys during operation, which significantly

reduces associated safety hazards.


Providing safe equipment and systems for your operation is

our number one priority. Years of research and development

are spent with each piece of equipment, fine-tuning them for

high efficiency and results while ensuring safe access for your

personnel. Maintenance is a key component of all operations,

and although CP Group provides low-maintenance equipment,

regular maintenance is always recommended for best results.

When your staff needs equipment access, we make sure it is

as safe as possible. Here are some of the key features of our

equipment to ensure this:

• All disc drives on screens have brake motors with locking

hand release levers. Brakes activate when power goes off,

locking rotors, which can’t turn when personnel are walking

on them.

• Lanyard anchorage connectors wrap around l-beams and

other structures to support workers during maintenance

mode. Crossbars above the rotors provide valid anchor


CP’s corporate policy of openness and willingness to listen to customers and industry partners is a key factor in

their success in building a system that has, over the years, continuously improved worker safety and efficiency. I am

pleased to see CP continuously focus on incorporating safety principles into their equipment design. I look forward to

seeing what’s next from them.

—Susan Eppes, President, EST Solutions