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Solutions for Material Recovery Facilities

CP Group understands Material Recovery Facilities. As the trusted global leader in

system engineering, manufacturing, and installing, we ensure sustainable profitability

for project owners and partners.

We specialize in safety, continuous process innovation, durable equipment, integrated

solutions, and exceptional customer service for operator success.

With over 400 Material Recovery Facilities designed and installed worldwide, we bring a

depth of experience and expertise to every project.


With over 155 years of combined

company experience, CP Group has

established itself as a pioneer and leader

in the field of recycling equipment and

waste management solutions.

We are unique among equipment

vendors in that we own and operate a

MRF in San Diego, CA, which serves as

an R&D facility where we put our new

innovations to test. More importantly,

being an operator of this 20 TPH single

stream facility gives us key insight into

our customer’s perspective—insight

other equipment vendors don’t have.

We are committed to helping you run

a successful operation by providing

durable, dependable, and innovative

equipment paired with ongoing customer



The waste and recycling industry

demands durable equipment, proactive

innovation, and professional service.

Our most valuable asset is our

dedicated staff of over 300 specialized

professionals who regularly deliver, and

exceed, industry expectations. Meeting

complex demands across the globe,

our team is committed to continuous

innovation, equipment longevity, and

customer success.


• Long-term customer success

• Customer relations

• Continuous innovation (R&D)

• Equipment safety

• Ethical business practices

• International growth

• Exceeding expectations


CP Group is comprised of 4 industry-

proven brands and provides the

waste and recycling industry a

single source solution for Material

Recovery Facilities and equipment.

CP Manufacturing

• Material recovery facilities

• Waste management solutions


• Optical sorting technology

Advanced MRF

• Electrical controls

• Automated solutions

Krause Manufacturing

• C&D solutions