CP Manufacturing is expanding its global footprint with our development of our CP China Division, and we are working with Zhongshuo Energy – Saving Tech-Co. LTD as our potential strategic partner in this venture. We look forward to furthering our potential strategic alliance with Zhongshuo, and working closely with Mr. Shi Qiyun (Chairman) and Mr. Zhao Shizhou (General Manager & Chief Engineer).

Title: Business License

Uniform Social Credit Code:91310117MA1J2C3J4K

ID number: 27000000201708140025

Company Name: Zhongshou Energy-Saving Tech. Co., LTD

Company Type: LLC

Company address: 701 Taogan Street, Suit 5, Shanghai

Company Legal Person: Shi Qiyun.

Registered Capital: 66.99 Millions Yuan.

Registered Date: August 14, 2017

Valid Period: August 14, 2017- August 13, 2037

Scope of business:Energy-saving equipment,Environmental Protection Technology, Biotechnology, Medical Technology, Chemical Technology