Ron Santos Northeast Regional Manager, ReCommunity

“As a facility manager of a high volume single stream MRF, and now as a Region Manager, I am a big advocate of CP Group. They’ve always been very responsive to all of my needs. I’m very impressed with their customer service and the training they supply to ensure a facility’s successful start-up and long-term operation. I know how much the entire CP team cares about our success.”

Susan Eppes President, EST Solutions

“CP’s corporate policy of openness and willingness to listen to customers and industry partners is a key factor in their success in building a system that has, over the years, continuously improved worker safety and efficiency.”

Neil Arlett Divisional Engineering Manager, Biffa

“CP has displayed the kind of attitude and acceptance of ideas that allowed us to build the type of relationship we need to keep moving forward and achieving our goals. Throughout the design process CP focused on our final goal, the delivery of a state-of-the-art facility in the heart of London. CP’s approach to being our partner in the development of the project from day one ensured that the design focused on the key performance deliverables, quality and reliability, throughout the design stage of the project.”