Burlington County celebrates grand opening of new single-stream recycling system

At a rate of 35 tons per hour, the system provides a more efficient recycling process for 162,000 households in Burlington County while employing individuals with disabilities

Material Recovery Facility

Burlington, NJ Material Recovery Facility

MOUNT HOLLY, N.J. (April 28, 2015) –The Occupational Training Center (OTC) and Burlington County officials held a grand opening celebration on Monday of the new single-stream recycling system at the Robert C. Shinn, Jr. Recycling Center in Mount Holly. Burlington County’s Regional Recycling Program is funded by the Board of Chosen Freeholders and serves approximately 162,000 households from within 40 municipalities. More than 75 attended the celebration which included guided tours of the system which processes 35 tons of recyclable materials per hour. Equipment for the system was designed and manufactured by San Diego-based CP Group.

“Studies show that single stream brings with it an increase of 10 percent or more in recycling,” said Joseph Bender, Executive Director of OTC. “At a rate of 35 tons per hour, the new single stream system is capable of processing 60,000 tons per year, meeting the needs of county recyclers for the next 15 to 20 years.”

The single stream system allows residents to place recyclable paper, cardboard, glass, steel, aluminum and plastic containers into one recycling bin. The materials are later sorted at the Recycling Center using state of the art technology including special screens and optical sorters which are used to separate the various items and materials.

“The implementation of a single stream recycling process in Burlington County shows our strong commitment to protecting the environment using the most current technology available,” said Bruce Garganio, Deputy Director of Burlington County Board of Chosen Freeholders. “We are actively working to find more sustainable practices, and to facilitating environmentally friendly choices for our nearly 420,000 residents.”

Since 1982, the OTC has operated Burlington County’s Regional Recycling Program. Today, the program serves as one of the largest and most successful shared services in the state of New Jersey. The cost of the program is included in tipping fees with no additional costs to the towns it serves. In 2014 alone, it saved county municipalities $3.38 million in avoided landfill disposal costs.

“It’s a win-win for everyone who lives and works in Burlington County,” said Joseph Howarth, a former Burlington County Freeholder. “The more we recycle, the less we need to landfill. Those cost-savings are effectively tax savings since they improve the bottom line of municipal budgets.”

Ribbon Cutting

In addition to protecting the environment, the Occupational Training Center of Burlington County has been a leader in providing employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities. Through the recycling program, OTC employs 55 individuals with disabilities. “At OTC, our mission is to help individuals with disabilities reach their higher potential,” said Bender. “Our programs provide disabled adults with the skills and training needed to succeed in the work environment vocationally, socially and personally.”

Construction of the single stream recycling system began on February 17, 2014 and was completed on January 23, 2015. The lead contractor on the project was Dandrea Construction, Inc., based in Berlin, N.J.

“As a resident of Burlington County, I had a personal interest in seeing the successful completion of the single stream recycling facility,” said John A. Dandrea, President. “The construction team assigned to this project was able to minimize the down time of the existing plant; they overcame several unforeseen conditions; and were able to complete the project ahead of schedule. I am very proud to have played a part in the transformation of the recycling facility.”

The system contains advanced sorting technology from the CP Group including a drum feeder, multiple screens with proprietary disc technology, glass tommel and glass cleanup system, multiple magnets, 2 MSS Aladdin™ optical sorters, and two Two-Ram balers.

“The upgrade of the dual stream system to a new state-of-the art 35 tons per hour residential single stream system was a smooth conversion,” said Patrick Nicol, CP Group Sales Engineer. “While adhering to the OTC’s mission to train and employ individuals with disabilities, the new sorting system utilizes the latest screening and automated sorting technologies and configuration offering maximum flexibility for todays and tomorrows material stream compositions.  We are proud to be part of such a successful project.”

PVT Land Co. to turn C&D debris into renewable fuel

Renewable Energy From Waste


PVT Land Co., a landfill based in Nanakuli, Hawaii, has dedicated a new reclamation and recycling system for demolition debris. The system, designed and installed by San Diego-based CP Group, was introduced to state and city dignitaries and community leaders at a ceremony at the PVT facility on Nov. 19, 2014.

Each day, roughly 1,775 tons of debris enters the 135-acre facility. Up to 80 percent is recycled, with more than 50 percent of the debris now being converted into feedstock for future use in renewable energy production. Instead of being buried in the landfill, the debris is being transformed into a renewable fuel that can be burned to create steam to drive turbines in some of Oahu’s power plants or to produce power or used in a manufacturing process that burns the feedstock to produce synthetic natural gas, which would be used to power generators to produce electricity for the Hawaiian Electric Company to distribute through its power grid.

“Today marks an important step in our evolution from a landfill to a world-class integrated waste management facility for construction and demolition materials to one of the top recycling operations of its kind in the nation,” says PVT President Albert Shigemura.”

Operating at full capacity, the PVT recycling system can process up to 900 tons of feedstock per day. When converted through gasification, that much feedstock would fuel the production of enough energy to power 12,000 homes.

In addition to the debris that is transformed into feedstock, the majority of the remaining 50 percent of materials entering the PVT facility are also recycled, including 42 tons of metals every day. As a result, less than 20 percent of the debris brought to the landfill is actually buried in the landfill, the company says.

The PVT Integrated Solid Waste Management Facility—Oahu’s only construction and demolition (C&D) landfill—plays a vital role in Hawaii’s economy as the only location on Oahu where debris from construction projects, storms and other sources can be disposed of safely and securely, says PVT. The facility also plays a critical role in the efficient operation of Oahu’s construction industry.

PVT says it is committed to creating a more sustainable Hawaii. To that end, Shigemura and his management team are supporting architects and contractors that want to become LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified by the U.S. Green Building Council by salvaging, reusing and recycling debris that they bring to the facility.

Industry-best practices extend to all aspects of the facility’s operations and infrastructure, including $3.5 million spent on dust mitigation, a high-capacity storm water management system, rated to withstand a 100-year storm, and a network of paved roads with drainage ports that prevent erosion and manage water run-off. construction and demolition mrf

Terry Schneider named Chief Executive Officer of CP Global

Former CEO Bob Davis named Chairman of the Board

San Diego, CA (Oct. 28, 2014) – CP Global,

the umbrella brand and parent company for CP Group (CP Manufacturing, Krause Manufacturing, MSS, and Advanced MRF), IMS Electronics,  IMS Recycling, and Handy Metal Mart, has named Terry Schneider President and Chief Executive Officer. His predecessor, the owner of CP Global, Bob Davis, has been named Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Material Recovery Facility Manufacturer

Bob Davis and Terry Schneider


Bringing 25 years of experience and expertise to his new role, Schneider has an extensive background in the solid waste and recycling industry. For the last 2 years he assumed the role of CP Group’s President/COO. His former positions before joining CP Group were with Republic Services, leading their Corporate Recycling Operations Group, as well as Market Development where he led the Rail Operations Group.


“Over the past several years we have achieved remarkable growth and we require a high level of professionalism and organization to maintain and manage further growth with stability over the coming years. Terry has displayed the precise combination of high leadership and technical skills, along with the vision, drive, and moral compass required of a true leader,” says Davis.


Davis had been running the companies since his father and founder, Charles M. Davis, passed nearly 30 years ago. As Chairman, Davis will stay heavily involved in operations of all of the companies, with focus on design and mechanical engineering of CP Group’s advanced sort systems.


“I am very excited to transition into my new role and work with all of the CP Global companies. This is a pivotal time for us as we continue to grow and make positive changes,” adds Schneider.



CP Global, formerly IMS Group, is a group of companies involved in the recycling and waste management industries, including: manufacturing technologically advanced sort systems, engineering and developing recycling equipment components, developing electrical engineering data and control acquisition systems, operating one residential recycling facility, operating four compliant-heavy electronics recycling facilities, as well as operating one metal retail store and two scrap buyback centers. CP Global is the umbrella brand for CP Group (CP Manufacturing, Krause Manufacturing, MSS, and Advanced MRF), IMS Electronics, IMS Recycling, and Handy Metal Mart.


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